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Christine Vachon and Killer Films Train New York State Filmmakers of Tomorrow

Christine Vachon and Pamela Koffler of Killer Films have partnered with Southampton Arts (Stony Brook University’s Graduate Arts Programs in Manhattan and Southampton) and have launched a new graduate level digital filmmaking program called 20/20/20. The course sequence addresses the reality of the film business today by training the filmmakers of tomorrow as expert storytellers with the grit and imagination to reach their audiences in platform-agnostic ways. The program will train graduates who know how to get a movie made, how to make it right, how to get it seen, and to live to tell about it—and how to survive to do it all over again and again, and again, and again.

“Revolutionary change in technology has made filmmaking accessible,” says Christine Vachon, “and students are coming to film programs with greater literacy in visual storytelling than ever before. With 20/20/20, we have the luxury of starting at ground zero to envision a new of model for instruction that embraces new platforms for distribution. The approach will be hands-on and experiential and the emphasis will be on the production of new work.”

Christine Vachon & Pamela Koffler from Killer Films

20/20/20, Killer Films/Stony Brook’s 20-week Digital Filmmaking course, will remain true to an indie economic model, in stark contrast to pricey existing New York area programs. “The high cost of graduate education has always been a concern to students pursuing the arts,” says Stony Brook Associate Provost Robert Reeves.  “At Stony Brook Southampton, we are proud to offer excellent programs that are both inclusive and affordable.”

Southampton Arts and the new film department is Reeves’ latest initiative in graduate arts education.  For the past decade, Reeves has developed high-caliber programs in Creative Writing & Literature, Theater, and now Film, bringing in world-renowned faculty in each of these fields and offering students unsurpassed educational and professional experience at economically-friendly state tuition prices. “The goal is to offer graduate programs that are typically available only to the one percent, at a price the 99 percent can afford. SUNY tuition allows us to do this,” says Reeves.

20/20/20 students at the end of a production day

In addition to Vachon and the Killer Films team, Reeves brought on writer and producer Magdalene Brandeis as Associate Director of the film program, as well as producer Simone Pero, to join a faculty that already includes some of the most distinguished creative artists in the world. In November, the Killer/Stony Brook team met with New York State Governor’s Office for Motion Picture & Television Development to discuss this transformative moment in the media and entertainment industries and their future MFA program, which will be at the center of an innovative, entrepreneurial, “incubator” environment. This incubator will feature public/private partnerships, new media start-ups, graduate arts education, workforce training and job creation in digital content production.


MANHATTAN – January - May, 2014. 20/20/20 Master Classes

In this first part of this project-driven course sequence, students will craft a story into a short screenplay that will then be produced over the summer. Through the study of the process of script development, screenwriting, directing and producing, students will learn the craft and the business from industry professionals including producers, agents, managers, lawyers, as well as filmmakers. With a “shootable” script and a working knowledge of the ever-changing independent film business, students will then turn to the ultimate goal: hands-on, intense, DIY digital film production.

SOUTHAMPTON JULY 7-27, 2014.  20/20/20 Producer and Director Boot Camp

For 20 days in July (after a brief June weekend location scout), the training is synthesized, focused and put into practice. From July 7-27, at Stony Brook Southampton Production Boot Camp, students will work from the scripts they have developed—whether narratives, webisodes or documentaries. They will also attend master classes and workshops, schedule, shoot, and edit a short film, and devise a distribution and marketing plan. The 20 days culminate in a screening.  Southampton residency is required for July, dorm living optional. 

20/20/20 has a rolling application deadline from December 1- 30, 2013.

  • First day of new 10-credit/20-week course sequence: January 29, 2014 (Manhattan)
  • Last day to register for the Master Class: January 27, 2014
  • 20-Day Production Intensive: July 7-27, 2014 (Southampton)

For more information about the Stony Brook Southampton film program go to:


On February 1, 2014, Christine Vachon and Pamela Koffler of Killer Films, the indie powerhouse producers of 75 films, including Boys Don’t Cry and Kill Your Darlings, will offer a Master Class illuminating the intersection of creativity and business from over 25 years of experience.

The six-hour Master Class on February 1 will focus on getting your movie made and seen. The film industry’s creative and business sectors are at an intersection of unlimited potential, and students will learn how to tap into and exploit the shifting paradigms of filmmaking as it is practiced today.

The fee for the Killer Masterclass is $125, with $75 discount tickets ($50-off) for NY LOVES FILM readers.  To register with the discount, readers should email with MASTER CLASS & NYLOVESFILM in the subject line to receive the $50 pre-registration discount by January 15. After January 15, all registrations are $125. Box office closes January 27.

To register for the Killer Masterclass, go to:

Article by Guest Writer: Magdalene Brandeis